3 Ways To Unplug Yourself From Today's Stresses

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There was a period in my life when I was a mess. Having a full time job, raising full time children and tidying a full time household took its physical and mental toll on me, it affected both my personal and professional lives.

  Sadly, it wasn't just me suffering from burnout. Many of my friends had fallen into the cycle of chasing their tails too. In today's fast paced world, we're living lives stained with constant fatigue, frustration, emotional stress and physical problems. If we don't find an outlet to calm our senses, stress will slowly ruin our relationship with others and more importantly "with ourselves".

This quote really resonated with me:

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... Including you"

Don't let stress take over your life. It's time to unplug and reboot yourself.

To unplug myself I do the following things:

1. Pray/Meditate/Yoga Daily  

Praying gives me moments of serenity throughout my day that otherwise would have been continuous work. I make sure I pray around the same time everyday, just before sunrise, mid-day and sunset. While praying in the morning, I hear birds chirping and then watch the sunrise from my patio. The dynamics change in the afternoon, it's noisy, I hear the hustle and bustle of tradies, cars and busy people. Whereas my eyes are closed, head bowed and immersed in complete silence. That's when I feel that I'm really unplugged from the world and in my own special space.

2. Do Good Deeds

Weirdly enough in today's world if you do good things to others they think that you're either stupid or you want something from them. Our society is no longer used to caring for one another because it's all about me me me. Showing compassion to others is not a sign of weakness, it is the purest form of empowerment that makes you as well as others feel cared for.

3. Engage In Something Creative

 It's well known that creativity is an effective strategy against stress. Creativity allows for focus and emotional expression which disrupts the stress cycle and gives a sense of fulfilment and productivity. Pick up a paint brush, dip it in paint and let the colours transform a stressed coffee table that has stood the test of time into something beautiful.

It's not easy to unplug yourself from this busy world if you don't find the time to do it. That's why incorporating prayer, kindness and creativity throughout your day breaks that busy cycle while allowing you to feel good within yourself.

If you need any help in finding your creative spark please reach out, it's my pleasure to help you unplug and find ways to reboot your life again. 

Yours sincerely

Merriam Churchill

Nine Lives Artistry


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