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Mirror Mirror why do you cry?

I cry for who I was and what I have become.

What have you become dear mirror?

My reflection doesn’t shine anymore, I have faded over time.

My dear mirror, you have always been kind to me in my good and my sad days. It is through your reflection where I realised that I am much more than my mistakes, my pleasures and pains. In my days of anguish, you mirrored strength and hope, while in my days of happiness I saw the whole world radiate through you. Without you I was just a mere reflection.

I never forget the night when you looked me in the eyes and said “Your life is only a reflection of what you allow yourself to see”. That moment was the moment I realised I’m much more than what I thought I was… That moment I became ‘me’ and I’m forever grateful for the way you changed the way I see myself.

Today we as a humans are going through testing times. Covid19, racial and ethnic discrimination, bullying and hatred are infecting our world. Mirrors across the globe are broken because they have lost the essence of their true reflection, a reflection of respecting ones identity and the identity of others.

Our reflections in our own individual mirrors tell us something more powerful than all the hatred and prejudice put together. Our reflections show us that we all come from the same race… ‘The Human Race’ and if anyone in this world can ever dispute it, please do so.

Our Lord GOD will not change the condition of a community until they change what is within themselves.  

I ask you to take a photo while you stand in front of your mirror and be proud of who you are, for the building block of every loving community starts with those who see good within themselves and others.

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