Boutique Satin Top 500ml

Boutique Satin Top 500ml

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Satin clear coat protection.

Carts & Millie Boutique Top is a water-based, durable top coat, drying to a clear, satin finish. It's non-yellowing properties make it a great choice for sealing high traffic, painted furniture and timber alike. Give an extra layer of protection to your favourite shade of Boutique Furniture Paint, Washed Away stain or other chalk-style paint. Available in 3 sizes - 200ml, 500ml and 1L.

Water-based | Durable | Non-toxic | Non-yellowing | Minimal Odour | Mildew Resistant | Satin Finish

INSTRUCTIONS: Clean surface and remove any wax, grease, dirt and/or sanding dust. Remove lid and stir thoroughly for 30 seconds with a stir stick. Do not shake, as this will introduce bubbles into your finish. Use a natural bristle brush (we recommend the Dusty for flat surfaces), foam brush (not foam roller - avoid air bubbles) or lint-free cloth and apply in thin, long strokes working in smaller sections at a time. Try not to go over the same spot too much as this will start to pull up the Top and cause brush marks to be left behind. Touch dry in 30 minutes, recoat after 1 hour. If the coat feels tacky to the touch, it is not dry enough to recoat. Cured in 28 days, set objects on top after 48 hours. Use gently until fully cured. 


  • Boutique Top can also be used for decoupage and any way you use mod-podge-type products. 
  • Use as a mixing medium to make custom coloured glazes for highlighting details in furniture and decor. 

COVERAGE: 1L (8+sqm). Actual coverage may vary depending on surface treatment and application. 

CLEAN UP: Wash brushes with clean running water and SUDS soap, or other eco-friendly detergent. Do not pour down drains or wash brushes in sinks that lead to waterways.

Do not freeze. Store in a cool, dry place. 

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