DIY Kits

DIY Kits

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These DIY Kits have been created with the end user in mind, complete with instructions and most if not everything you need are included anything NOT included will be listed as Materials Needed!

Headbands: 2x Wide Crochet bands, 4x felt dots, 4x embellishments (more embellishments from home can also be added for extra OOMPH!!)

Paddlepop: 1pk 100sticks, 1xTube Wood Glue, 2xTtubes Paint (image inspiration included)

Placemat+Coaster:  4xRectangular Placemats+Coasters (unfinished),



2x4 packs of complimenting Decoupage Napkins (randomly chosen), 1xpaint, 1xglue 



2xPaint (Randomly chosen)

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