Golden edged Floral Transfer

Golden edged Floral Transfer

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Sheet size 14.8x10.5cm

These transfers will adhere to almost any surfaces

Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass, Laminate and Veneer

For application simply prepare a small amount of water and a sponge or cloth
1. Ensure surface is clean and dry
2. Cut around area ( If needed ensuring to leave a section with approx 7-10mm as an area to lift from to check adhering)
3. Remove protective sheeting
4. Place in desired location
5. Wet cloth and press down onto transfer ( ensuring your transfer does not move)
6. Wet over entire area applying even pressure to enable transfer to adhere to desired surface area
7. Gently lift to check if it is adhering, if needed repeat steps 5,6,7
8. Remove paper slowly
9. Wipe gently with your cloth to ensure all of transfer is stuck down
10. Seal with a water based polyurethane and you are done!

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